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It was a pleasant experience, writing this program.

Counterpoint Analysis Program

Counterpoint Analysis Program

V0.1 as of June 01 2007

So, this is a program that, when you input various melodies, will attempt to find contrapuntal relationships between them. I use something like a slightly weakened version of the 1st species counterpoint rules of Fuchs for this. As you may guess from the version number, this program is chiefly for my own use. However, I think it’s usable enough that it’s conceivable that other people might also use it. Oh, disclaimer: it doesn’t always (or even mostly) give great counterpoint examples, but that wasn’t so much the motivation; I wrote it because I’m never sure when writing fugues that I’m not missing some particular combination of themes that sounds especially nice; with this, I get straight away a bunch of combinations to play about with; many which I wouldn’t have seen without it I think (of course, I won’t limit myself to what this program outputs, but it’s a very good starting point I think), this makes it useful as a compositional tool for me.

No, no no, don’t expect any pictures (yet); it’s a console program (so far), so! And please, if you’ve anything to say about it, don’t hesitate to say it, either here or via email – I’m unlikely to do any work on it otherwise (as it fulfils my personal needs rather well in its current form).

Download Zip – Contains windows binaries, basic documentation, and Haskell source (should you wish to recompile it on a different platform).

Worked Example

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