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Freeciv never seemed mathematically accurate enough for me .. i mean it’s all well and good to just discover gravity and have newton’s workshop, but to do gravity you really do need to have a basic knowledge of synthetic infinitesimal geometry, and to know that you have to know geometry … but on the other hand you should have the opportunity to learn functional analysis and algebra and category theory as your civilisation progresses. You can also not just specify to build a university in your city, but you can also specify what departments you want to build :)

So I took freeciv and added those features to the game :)

MathCIV, as I call it (there’s not much too it really … though it does have a brothel :) ) lurks in the computers section. it’s not terribly well documented, especially re. installation, but if you’ve installed any other mods it shouldn’t be very hard at all to install. If you are having trouble installing it just give me a buzz.

I hope i included all the files (my freeciv directories are a bit of a mess *heh*).

Please though, give it a try and tell me what you think!

Feel welcome to drop me a line at analytic@gmail.com if you've questions/comments :)

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