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Opera Omnia

a Complicated Interface Game; play at your peril.
A small/medium-sized though still rather experimental effort.



Tommo Zhou, of indie-g, has made a chinese translation of the game into blitzmax. It can be downloaded from this page on his site. I'm hosting copies here as well:

Windows (Chinese) (4.4MB)
Source (Chinese) (14KB)

I did not oversee the translation; the work should be taken on its own merit.

Technically, this is, like, a pre-release; I anticipate I might change a couple of interface things over the next couple of days, but the game itself is done. EDIT: finished version up, along with source
EDIT: Okay, that wasn't finished. In fact, it was a bit broken.
Now it's finished.
EDIT: now XP64-compatible.
EDIT: new version released...some slight polishing done...
EDIT(24 mar): new version released (1.25); fixed level 18 bug (I hope), and some other small issues

Feel welcome to drop me a line at analytic@gmail.com if you've questions/comments :)

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