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Applied Duality

(n.b. this articles is mainly, humourous, but some pretty bizzare/interesting things come out of it.)

What’s Duality?

Ok, if you don’t know…duality is a feature of some areas of maths where given a proof you can swap some terms and get the dual of it’s proof. For example, in projective geometry, you can switch the words “point” and “line”, and “meet” and “join” (and some others, but I’m only giving a simple example). So, given the statemenn “two points join to form a line”, you can get “two lines meet to form a point”. See? it works?


My main object here will be to construct a program that will, given a basic erotic story, reverse the sexes of the participants (and of course it will fail miserably in the process).

So, basically all i have to do is list all the different couples of male/female words. I’m going to avoid objective pronouns because though “his” matches with “her”, so does “him”…so it would work fine from male to female but not vice-versa (because she can have two meanings depending on context) Likewise, her shouldn’t be used as a objective pronoun. This can be overcome with a grammatical parser … but I don’t have time to implement such a program at the moment.

So here’s some things from the list, just to give you a rough idea.


All i have to do is, given a simple story that uses the words above where necessary (and avoids objective pronouns!), is go through every word in the document and replace each word with it’s dual (eg. man with woman).

I’ve constructed a pascal program that does this, so lets see how it reacts to a simple sexual statement:

I say: “The man’s penis made her wet”
It returns: “The woman’s vagina made him hard”

You see, one is the dual of the other :) (insofar as they both make sense, not that one implies the other (necessarily))

Of course, adding in names makes things much less clear, but it doesn’t make too massive a difference to the story.

Take another one that will explain the inside|around coupling I use (forgive the pun:) ):

I say: “The man thrust his penis inside her vagina”
It returns: “The woman thrust her vagina around his penis”

Now, lets input a bigger story that will test my system:

The man’s penis was hard when he arrived at the house. He rang the doorbell once, then twice, his manly fingers, strong and rough, pressing the door-bell. A woman answered, with beautiful breasts, and a gentle, soft voice. She was wearing a dressing gown.

“Please come in” she said, disrobing while closing the door behind the man.

She pulled off the man’s tight-fitting shirt, and he caught the woman’s ass in return.

She was wet, and he was hard. He thrust his penis into her wet vagina, pressing up onto her breasts.

He removed himself from inside the woman, and started to lick the woman’s vagina, before finishing the woman off.

The dual story goes as follows:

The woman’s vagina was wet when she arrived at the house. she rang the doorbell once, then twice, her womanly fingers, gentle and soft, pressing the door-bell. a man answered, with beautiful pecs, and a strong, dry voice. he was wearing a dressing gown.

“please come in” he said, disrobing while closing the door behind the woman.

he pulled off the woman’s tight-fitting shirt, and she caught the man’s ass in return.

he was hard, and she was wet. she thrust her vagina onto his hard penis, pressing up into his pecs.

she removed herself from around the man, and started to suck the man’s penis, before finishing the man off.

You see, it’s fairly effective, though not perfect. (the story i will admit is a little fabricated and lacking in body).

There are some slightly funny slip ups I’ve encountered, including hard pecs becoming wet breasts, and wet flaps becoming hard foreskin…still, it’s not that bad (at worst it’s humourously disturbing)

It’s also possible, using my algorithm, to turn a hetrosexual story into a homosexual story (though this may get confusing unless you use names), or a homoseuxal story into a oppositely-sexed homosexual one, but not to change a homosexual story into a hetrosexual one, because for that to happen it would have to be able to tell who’s doing what, and my simple algorithm isn’t up to that. :( Such a one-way mapping such as that from a hetrosexual erotic story to a homosexual erotic story is called a homomorphism.

I won’t disturb your minds with any more with examples, though note how agressive the women who used to be men can be?

Of course another problem with the program is the names…but can’t be bothered messing with those it’s really hard to do that because names’ spellings are fluent and oft abbreviated and otherwise fucked with.

I have written a web-program that will carry out this process … go here to check it out :) (some of the word-switching is different and much more developed … but nothing too much has changed .. if you want the code just mail me okay?)

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