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In which I break my rule of thumb not to post more than once about any game.

Mirror Stage

The ‘2 or 3 day’ wait until I got this finished is over. It should work with XP 64 now. A small amount of new content has been added (most notably another custom chapter by Terry), and the editor has been tarted up a certain amount.

I hope nothing in particular is broke in this build, but if you come across any crashes/&c., I would appreciate very much being told.

Windows (20MB)

OS X 10.5+ (22MB)

Source (48KB)


The source I must apologise for in advance; it’s quite rotten in its organisation.

edit: if you have problem running this on windows 7, try running it in XP SP3 Compatibility Mode.

A necessary release of the stipple-ache that someone else's work induced in me.


A short concept-game I did over the past two days.

windows (~2MB)
osx 10.5+ (~2MB)
source (~100KB)

(edit: bug rendered it unfinishable; should be fixed now)
(EDIT: BSOD error some vista users experienced should be fixed now)

a Complicated Interface Game; play at your peril.

Opera Omnia

A small/medium-sized though still rather experimental effort.

Download Windows (6.4mb)
Download OSX 10.5+ (Intel) (6.4mb)
Download source (112kb)



Tommo Zhou, of indie-g, has made a chinese translation of the game into blitzmax. It can be downloaded from this page on his site. I’m hosting copies here as well:

Windows (Chinese) (4.4MB)
Source (Chinese) (14KB)

I did not oversee the translation; the work should be taken on its own merit.

Technically, this is, like, a pre-release; I anticipate I might change a couple of interface things over the next couple of days, but the game itself is done.
EDIT: finished version up, along with source

EDIT: Okay, that wasn’t finished. In fact, it was a bit broken. Now it’s finished.
EDIT: now XP64-compatible.
EDIT: new version released…some slight polishing done…
EDIT(24 mar): new version released (1.25); fixed level 18 bug (I hope), and some other small issues

All of the sexually explicit content sort of mysteriously never materialized over the course of the game development.

Kiss Me

Kiss me is my (slightly late) entry to the unofficial Valentine’s Day Love Letter Competition on TIGsource. It’s a two-player game.

awd < – player 1
left/up/right < – player 2


OSX 10.5+ (2MB)
Windows (1.4MB)
Source (96KB)

I am reasonably happy with this, short as it is. My first foray into '3D', so...


An entry for the codear single boss competition that's currently running.

OSX 10.5 (2mb)
Win (1.3mb)
Linux* (482k)

Source (30k)

* [build by Spartan, requires separate installation of SDL and fmodex libraries]

Translation provided by agj.

up/down/left/right/space (wife)
w/s/a/d (lover)

I have quadtree and octree-based stuff up and running; I'll post 'em some time in the near future.

1D tessellation in haskell

This is what the game I posted a couple of days ago, Endless Cavern, was essentially based around.

The haskell code is simple (not awfully efficient, but that’s not a concern just yet), and I’ve tossed it here (32kb). You can control the prototype by pressing left/right on the keyboard.

hopefully this won't be my last toying about with Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL

lightcone: prototype 2

I decided to try doing a one-player prototype of this game, and to do it in haskell this time as an exercise instead of C++. It’s a much more bare-bones things, but might be of interest to some people (requires OpenGL and GLUT to be installed).

In this demo, you are a red or blue block, the enemies are red blocks, moving in various patterns. When you overlap with an enemy block, your colour changes.

I’m not bothering with a binary distribution, but the source is here.