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for kotm


I made a painting game for kotm.

play here (html/flash)
download source code (as3/flash)

I still say raytracer in my head, but...I will modernise my internal vocabulary eventually...

Raycasting Rendering Examples

Have finally gotten around to compiling the Raycaster Rendering Demos that Terry and I cobbled together (mostly at the airport) at tigjam UK 2008 from an engine he whipped up some months ago. There are 12; here’s a montage of 10:

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*[[[[e*]ssw*]n*]*n] is also one I am quite fond of.

Rule 110 in PaintFuck

I just managed to write an implementation of the universal automata rule 110 in paintfuck (plenty of discussion and snippits on the linked page as well), a thoroughly delightful graphical programming language (that’s borderline-esoteric).

( source )

It’s flash-based, and very easy to play about with to produce nice/interesting patterns :)

EDIT: tinkered with the code so that it doesn’t erase itself as it goes down now :)

It’s pretty slow on my computer, so here’s a capture of it after the first couple of lines, for those without too much patience:

I have quadtree and octree-based stuff up and running; I'll post 'em some time in the near future.

1D tessellation in haskell

This is what the game I posted a couple of days ago, Endless Cavern, was essentially based around.

The haskell code is simple (not awfully efficient, but that’s not a concern just yet), and I’ve tossed it here (32kb). You can control the prototype by pressing left/right on the keyboard.