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A thousand doors, all locked, invite thoughts on tantalizing possibilities shut off to one's self.

Serial: Chapter 1: C/A – High Dim.

The following night I had another dream: I awoke inside the dream, to find myself breathing deeply, calmly, in some spacious, geometrical environment. I looked about, trying to take in in my surroundings, only a fear began to grab at me: the space was uninhabited by anything else, it just went on forever in all directions, and yet there was more: as it dawned upon me that I was in a space of dimensions many more than three, that space was going to infinity not merely in three directions, but twenty – this frightened me, I found myself unable to move, praying for some relief to the immense extent of this world.

My prayers were suddenly answered: I found myself trapped in a cramped prison cell; trapped between forty different walls on forty different sides.