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Iz in ur piano
writing u sonataz.

3 new pieces

I actually have written another post before this, but it’s only going to appear in two days time, because, well, the ordering of these things is important, and the contents of this post pre-date those of the one I just wrote, except this disclaimer, so.

Firstly, the worst piece I have written to date in my life; I include it simply because it invokes some Galois theory:

Suite ( ps | pdf )

Secondly, a quick oriental fugue that was to form part of its own suite, but alas I wasn’t able to come up with anything to complement it.

Fugue in F# ( ps | pdf )

Thirdly, I broke the 10-minute time barrier. This is important news for me. It’s also one of my better-sounding pieces, and my first recent attempt at writing a piece in sonata form.

Sonata ( ps | pdf )

As for what’s coming in two days. Well, ye’ll have to wait. (I do not mean to imply that it’s worth waiting for; it’s not, really).

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