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Oh yes: what sweet, sweet sounds.

The Sleeping Princess

There once were a King and Queen who were unable to conceive a child. One day, the Queen, looking out from her balcony, said “Oh, I would give anything to be with child”. No sooner had she spoken but a fairy had appeared, and replied “I am the Queen of Dreams, and I will grant your wish. You will give birth to a baby girl in nine months’ time. However, you must have her drink a cup of your finest coffee each day, or else I will take her to my Kingdom, and you will not see her again”. The queen was delighted, and promised to carry out the fairy’s instructions.

Sure enough, in nine months she gave birth to a baby girl, who grew up to be the most beautiful young maid in the whole kingdom. According to the fairy’s wishes, she had a cup of the kingdom’s finest coffee brought to her every morning, which she drank whether she felt in the mood or not.

However, one morning, while out on her balcony, she accidentally dropper her cup on the ground; she rushed out to get the maids to clean it up, and forgot all about it. Within half an hour, hey eyes began to droop and she began to swoon, and by noon she was fast asleep; nobody could wake her. When the maids told the queen about the cup of coffee, the queen knew what had happened.

She slept for years and years, never growing any older; her parents both died, and still she slept; her nieces and nephews dies, and still she slept, a thousand generations passed, and still she slept until, one day, a handsome prince rode by playing his Strohviolin; so wondrous was the sound that she immediately awoke, feeling fresh as if she just had an afternoon nap, and fell in love with the prince. Wasn’t able to kick the caffeine habit though :/

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    Hah! Nice.

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