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I promised myself a strict regimen of counterpoint last weekend. I guess I'm just getting what I deserved, then :(

More scores. More dump. Hurrah!

Woh, like. Totally going in a dodge direction at the moment. No more, though.

So first three light pieces. The first I threw together today and am more or less ok with, insubstantial as it is, the other two are my first efforts from last October when I was making the transition from thinking about modulations to trying to write music. I had a bunch of other modulatory snippits that were short, but occasionally quite nice; alas I don’t really have the skills to extract cohesive musical works from them at the moment.

Ok, so, then:

Piece 1 ( ps | pdf )
Piece 2 ( ps | pdf )
Piece 3 ( ps | pdf )

And, only slightly more substantially, a sonatina; weak, and almost certainly a dead and, indeed, rather clichéd end, but I do like some of the sounds it in.

Sonatina ( ps | pdf )