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Rough around the edges, but it be okay for What It Is, I think.

The Hero Saved Me

An effort for the 3-hour cities comp.

Windows  zip 600kb
Mac OSX 10.5+ zip 600kb
Src  zip 200kb


  1. Alex A wrote:

    Funny, I didn’t feel like I was saving anoyone’s soul with this one. Is the idea that you get fed up and then stop?

    Friday, January 28, 2011 at 10:54 am | Permalink
  2. name?! wrote:

    [no need to publish this]

    COming from a Steam tour.

    It’s all about selling. A machinery which comprises ALL the “press”, whose only purpose is to sell (even “values”, sure). Progressively self-refining.

    They sell, themselves firstly. They are really angry at people who don’t sell themselves… “fascists” is the label by attaching which they release the frustration for some ones who don’t sell themselves being in this world — they can’t stand the sight.

    And then you have, well, you have Dirty Little Slut.
    The Rose Garden.

    I mean, Lavelle: how does a youth make such a game on being old?
    Just… how does he?!

    Still it’s vital for your work that you keep on good terms with the army of the sold sellers…
    You have that game about the artist’s life… it goes from between the sky and the soil.
    It feels at home in the sky, but it needs to touch the soil to exist in the world.

    The Universal History of Beauty.
    I once wrote a review of it for a site that prided on “approving any review”. It was the first they had to not approve in the site’s history.

    How in the world do you review The Universal History without filling the virtual sheet of paper with, well, emotions, and gloomy ones?

    But those sites are run by machines who spend their whole life programming other machines, and who differ from the latter only because they imagine themselves as non-machines.
    I don’t think anything that unsettles them as much as emotions is there at all :))…

    Machines can’t understand emotions, and if it’s vain machines they are going to be very upset about not understanding.
    “Nonsense” is their defense line.

    If I wanted to write a review of that game and get it published… what would I have to write? What?

    Bergman said of Tarkovsky “cinema is documentary of dream, his is dream, and the best”.
    I gave my review the form of a dream, because that game tells a (nightmarish) dream.

    WHo would have thought machines were so afraid of dreams? The machines that program other machines and believe themsleves non-machines got very afraid of the review’s form.
    It must be that they never have dreams, not even during wake time (which is still stranger than not having them during sleep time).

    And after all, now and then some people ask you why you didn’t put achievements in your games :))))… and your responses are polite.
    Oh yes, they are polite.
    And sensible: you tell them what you know can be told them.


    And then you have to play as a normal person to live among normal people.
    Then you create, and there you can be yourself, although not fully in your commercial games.

    Take the money Brianna Wu gets every month on Patreon. Subtract that which you get.
    The result is the portrait of human kind.

    Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 4:52 am | Permalink