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Dignity of manner

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  1. anonymous wrote:

    Is that it?

    Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 6:38 am | Permalink
  2. Nameless wrote:

    Mr. Lavelle, I am using this form to ask something of you.

    Today I happened on the blog of a woman. Looked at the comics she draws, well, they are thoughtful and inspired, sincerely inspired, like your games (though, well, she hasn’t your intelligence. But who has your intelligence? lol).

    Then read these 2 posts on her blog:

    Since I went through the hell she is experiencing, I wished hard I could give her money through Patreon. But I absolutely can’t.
    You can’t either, this is not the point.

    What I ask you is… if you can
    1) Help her work be more known (Tweetting about it, for instance)

    2) Involve her in one of your works as a graphic designer, on a free basis (make no mistake), but she’d be greatly reinvigorated and that would hit her depression a real punch.

    Yes, I kind of felt in love for the woman, and I wouldn’t be writing any of this if she were a man.

    She is on Twitter, also:


    Monday, February 29, 2016 at 2:05 am | Permalink