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Yes, I know, not exactly one of my most inspired posting to this site.


Hah. Just a quick call to drop off some scores. And no, no recordings; don’t think any of these are really worth it this time. And, as usual, forgive my lack of dynamical indications.

Firstly, a monophonic fugue on the SOS motive, with a bit of That Other Tune thrown in near the end because, well, I had no other choice.

Also:just realized that this is badly formatted, that there are a heap of empty bars at the end.

Fugue on SOS ( ps | pdf )

Secondly, the worst fugue I have written to date (seriously, don’t bother; it’s just up here For The Record, Because).

Bad Fugue ( ps | pdf )

Thirdly, a prelude & fugue pair, the prelude of which I like (owing to notational laziness, I put the ornaments after the bar lines instead of before, which is what I mean to do), the fugue which isn’t as good as it aught be.

[Also:just realized that this is especially badly formatted, that I left the title out. Oops.: fixed!]

Prelude and Fugue in Am ( ps | pdf )

Fourthly, a wee rag with little to recommend it; it was mainly an exercise – I might try properly to write some another time.

Rag ( ps | pdf )

Fifthly, a song setting; oh yes, I tried. Actually my second attempt: yep, my first try was too bad to put up even *here*, which should tell you something about it. This one is okay though, I think.

Reflections in a Mirror ( ps | pdf )

And lastly (that is to say, sixthly), and most recently, a wee study; haven’t tried something like this in a while…I am a litttttle satisfied with it, though, all things considered.

Etude #23 ( ps | pdf )

[edit: some notes were in the wrong octave (of all places to be!); fixed!]
Anyway. Off with me again. Might be back any minute to finish putting up those wee stories from Way Back, heh.

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